Welcome to Takara Bright Website

We are an shipbroker specialized in work vessels for marine construction,
the tugboats and the special ships and so on.
The dredgers, floating cranes and tugboats for the marine works are generally extremely expensive.
These days marine works such as harbor construction are almost finished in Japan and new projects for marine works are now decreasing.
A lot of surplus equipments such as special ships are on the market.
Even special ship equipped with the latest technology is being sold.
We can supply you with various kind of secondhand work vessels at reasonable price and in addition to that, we'll be able to give you more informations acquired through our long experience and know-how in the industry.
We are also dealing in usually construction machinery.
If you have any purchase plans, please don't hesitate to contact us.
We look forward to hearing from you and serving to you.

  242 Hotei-Higashi, Konan, Aichi, Japan
: +81-587-55-1077
: +81-587-56-1723
E-mail : office@tabco21.com
KD MAKINO/President
     Mobil Phone : +81-90-3157-8626
     Mobil Phone : +81-90-7137-4383
Capital : JP\10,000,000.-
Established : 1990
Business Record :
     Sales and purchase volume
           :US$191million/25 years
     Tugboats and other work vessels
     Construction machines